Job growth in Prince William and Stafford Counties will be one of my top priorities. We have one of the most talented workforces in the Commonwealth. Over 20% of the region’s population holds some type of professional degree and nearly 50% hold a bachelor’s degree. I’ll work in Richmond to attract more high paying jobs closer to the communities where we live.

I’ll pursue a two-pronged strategy to accomplish that. We need to create more jobs, but we also need to make sure they’re high paying, quality jobs. I’ll push to raise the minimum wage and ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work, because no one should work full time and live in poverty.

We need to expand our regional economy beyond just government jobs and government contracting. These jobs will always be vital to the region, but we need to work to attract technology and bioscience companies to Stafford and Woodbridge. More jobs closer to home means a shorter commute and we can all benefit from that.