Our parents and grandparents left us with clean air and clean water, and we owe it to our children to provide them with the same inheritance. That starts with holding Dominion Power accountable at their Possum Point power plant.

Dominion has been dumping the toxic byproduct of burning coal in holding ponds just 4 miles from my front door since 1988. And, to nobody’s surprise, the ponds have leaked and some of my neighbors have found elevated levels of toxic chemicals in their wells. The situation is unacceptable. Now that the ponds are going to be closed, we need to be absolutely sure the process ensures the long-term safety of the toxic byproducts held there.

I also believe we should invest in more renewable energy sources, become less dependent on foreign oil and elect leaders who believe in science. Too many Richmond politicians, and now President Trump, don’t believe in science and don’t believe in climate change. The Chesapeake Bay needs protecting, our coastal cities need solutions and everyone needs clean drinking water. I’ll fight for more investments in clean, renewable energy, will oppose any national or state effort to remove funding for the Bay.